Building Intelligent Wireless Networks (Construyendo redes inalámbricas inteligentes)


Future wireless networks, including WLANs, must follow an AI-native approach towards autonomous management, and become smart, agile, and able to learn from and adapt to the changing environment. In the transition from network sofwarization to network intelligence, AI cannot be treated as an afterthought, but instead must be accounted for from the requirements phase. In this seminar, we will cover the challenges associated to introducing AI in wireless networks, and present two case studies. Such studies will show the evolution in practical WLANs scenarios from the creation of AI silos as a solution to very specific problems, to the design of AI-aided system architectures. Finally, we will elaborate on the research outlook and prospective applications in AI-enabled wireless networks.

Dec 1, 2020 00:00
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid - Madrid, Spain

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Senior Researcher

My research interests include wireless and mobile communications, network slicing, SDN, NFV, AI-driven networks and automated network management.