Wi-Not: Exploiting Radio Diversity in Software-Defined 802.11-based WLANs



The increasing demand for live streaming and for remote sensing applications is bringing renewed interest on uplink performances in Wi-Fi networks. Radio diversity can improve the performance of such applications by opportunistically receiving mobile users’ traffic at multiple attachment points. However, radio diversity techniques can not be used in standard Wi-Fi networks due to backwards compatibility problems. In this paper we present Wi-Not, a novel SDN–based solution for exploiting radio diversity in software-defined WLANs. Wi-Not allows mobile terminals to be associated to multiple Wi-Fi APs in the uplink direction improving frame delivery probability in uplink-constrained applications. Wi-Not does not require changes to the mobile terminals and can be easily deployed with minimal changes to the network infrastructure. An experimental evaluation carried out over a real-world testbed shows that this approach can deliver an improvement of up to 80% in terms of UDP goodput and up to 60% of TCP throughput. We release the entire implementation including the controller and the data-path under a permissive license for academic use.

Proc. of IEEE NOMS. Taipei, Taiwan