Enabling Intelligence Inclusiveness in Edge to Cloud Continuum: Challenges and Opportunities


Edge to Cloud Continuum is a concept that integrates cloud computing and cellular networks that has been gaining popularity due to its potential to provide a seamless user experience and address the challenges of managing complex multi-domain networks involving massive IoT devices. Enabling intelligence in the Edge to Cloud Continuum can further enhance its capabilities, offering benefits such as reduced latency, improved scalability, enhanced resource utilization, and increased context awareness. This paper provides insights into the opportunities and challenges of enabling intelligence in Edge to Cloud Continuum, highlighting the potential of this technology. This study presents a comprehensive review of the existing literature on enabling intelligence in Edge to Cloud Continuum, to reach the research questions that will construct the PhD. Various tools and technologies that can be used to integrate intelligence into the Edge to Cloud Continuum system were explored and analyzed. In addition, this study provides a detailed work plan for the upcoming months of the project.

Proc. of IEEE Netsoft. Madrid, Spain